Complete Coverage For Your Credit Rating


One Report. All The Details.

Have you ever taken out a personal loan, applied for a credit card or borrowed money to buy a house? If so, then you have a credit bureau file. But do you know what’s in your file? You can with CreditDefend. View quarterly reports that show exactly what’s been reported about you to the credit bureau. Your CreditDefend credit report details all the latest activities on your credit bureau file such as inquiries from lenders, your financial accounts and payment history.

Keeping You Creditworthy

Your credit score, a three-digit number based on a mathematical formula, is not a part of your credit report, but is often used by lenders to help make credit decisions. So, it’s important to know what your credit score is and to have that complete picture of your creditworthiness. With CreditDefend, you’ll receive monthly, up to date credit scores plus trending details so you can track how you’ve progressed over time and obtain tips on improving your overall score.

Changes? Find Out Right Away.

Your credit bureau file contains important information and with CreditDefend, you’ll always stay informed. Each business day, CreditDefend monitors your credit bureau file and alerts you via email or text message if there are any significant changes or activities such as an address change or a new credit application. You’ll even know if there are no changes or activities because we believe that no news is also good news!


Daily monitoring of your credit bureau file.

Anytime access to your credit report and credit score.

How-to tips to improve your overall credit score.

Credit reports that are easy to read and download.

New credit report available every quarter.

Updated credit score every single month.

Get alerts no matter where you are.

Review your credit card and loan details.


CreditDefend Mobile App

Available on the App Store and free to CreditDefend customers, the CreditDefend Mobile App is information at your fingertips. It proactively monitors your credit bureau file and alerts you to any changes or activities, so no matter where you are you have the tools to defend your credit rating.

Your Credit Report Simplified

With the CreditDefend Mobile App, you can review your current credit report anytime, anywhere in a simplified format with clear, easy visuals. With the simple push of a button, find out your credit score, where you rank and how creditworthy you are.

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